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  • Brand name:LEADSMT



LED-1204TS LED BULB SMD LED PCB MOUNTING MACHINE was Lauch in 2015 , designed and made only for One led lighting manufacturer from Italy .


Advantages of this machines:


1.Economical with high precision .


This machine is developed based on LED-1204T ,Added screw ball rods as the driving support for the Panasonic servo motors, with higher precision .but the price not high compared to the LED-1206T .


By using the good quality screw ball rod (NSK,Japanese) at the key place(Y axis) and so-so quality Chinese screw ball rods at the low speed places(X,Z axis),can reduce the cost and keep the high quality of the machine.


2.More stability


It equipped with vacuum pumps for stable nozzles Air pressure for pick and place components,also improve the placement accuracy .


Furthermore,the heads of LED-1204TS is same of LED-1204T ,the head is very light,make runs with super low noise,little shake(vibration) and very smoothly,just like a runner running with steps on the ground lightly with fast speed .


3.More durable lifetime


The LED-1204T is belt driving type at the all axis, need to change every 1 or 2 years for ensure the precision,but LED-1204TS not need to change anything same as LED-1206T on this concern ,make the user can run the machine without worries for the maintenance .



1.The machine adopt Panasonic Servo Motors Imported From Japan , from the first overseas machine to Vietnam in 2010 never arose any problem for the motors .


2.Machine robot Moving on grind treated high Precision screw ball rod -Brand NSK imported from Japan at Y Axis and two Chinese screw ball rod arrange at the X,Z axis .

3.Computer System is so important , we use DFI World Class Industrial computer system , imported from Taiwan , the class top one brand of Industrial computer , together with the GreatWall Power driver,Philips Computer display.Software card R&D Chinese Famous University by Xi'an JiaoTong University , with 6 Years put into the market for trail. 

4.Wires for the pick and place machine take the flexible wires imported from Italy ,the lifetime of the wires on moving can take 10 years (calculate working 18 hours a day )

5.In order to keep the air pressure more stable , we install the two sets of Vacuum pumps to increase the precision of the machine .The Negative pressure will blow down the components when the components just touch the board .

6,The Negative air Pressure display switches Brand Kita ,imported from TaiWan with higher precision and correction .

7.The feeders Position can be adjusted when needed for different shapes of components.The machines normal Maximum can take 14 pieces 8mm feeders ,if you need can make for 20 pieces .

the Machine is excellent for led tubes and flexible led strips , it is professional for all kinds of led lights including led bulbs , tube, strip lights , street lights , downlights ,panel lights , ceiling lights .

Cover all kinds of leds and all compatible for other electronics like telecom ADSL pcbs, battery charges for mobile phones etc .


Main tech specifications :



Mounting Nozzle Heads

4 pieces 

Max Board Sizes

1200*300mm(others can made by your requirements)

Max Moving Range

X axis 1220mm, Y axis ,430mm, Z axis ,20mm

Stable speed(actual speed)

18000cph for straight pcb (like led tubes) , 13000 for round pcb(like led bulbs)

Mounting accuracy 


Max Speed 


Position method 

 Camera auxiliary Position 

Components available

Cover all kinds of leds and most of resistors ,ic , capacitors ,Inductors 

Belt feeder

8mm ,12mm, 16mm,24mm,32mm ,Normally 14 pieces 8mm feeders maximum ,can extend to be 20 pieces if you need .

Air pressure Supply 

0.6MPa =6kgf/cm2( very little)

Power supply 

220V ,50/60Hz, 0.5KW ,One Phrase 


 About 500kgs 




Operation system can Windows XP ,Windows 7 .Operation Language English 

The our pick and place machines already to 30 Countries like Turkey , USA ,India, Iran ,South Korea , Thailand , Vietnam, Kazakhastan , Egypt ,South Africa Italy Etc .


In the past 4 years , already sold 508 sets of pick and place Machines to Overseas Markets .


Contact Information :


Shenzhen Leadsmt Technology Co.,Ltd

Address:No.11,Min Fu Road,ShaJing Town,Bao'An District,Shenzhen,518103,CHINA

Skype Id; peter.huang187

Tel & Wechat :0086-13610497541

Email: leadsmtmachines@163.com

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