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  • Brand name:LEADSMT
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  • Brand name:LEADSMT

                      LED-2206P SMD LED PICK AND PLACE MACHINE


Manufactured by Shenzhen Leadsmt Technology Co.,LTD , A real high-tech company in Shenzhen ,China

With more than 6 Years experiences in Pick and place machine manufactured.


46% of The Smd Led Lights you bought from China ,is made by machines from Shenzhen Leadsmt Technology Co.,Ltd .Leadsmt machines cover more than 20 provinces in China and widely used and good repuations in over 1000 led lighting factories around China .



Guangzhou Led Lighting Fair ,June 2016 with customers from Walton Group in Bangladesh ,LED-2206P working in their factory since 2015 .


LED-2206P is the 6 heads smd pick and place machine with practical speed for led straight pcb about 32000cph like led tube lights smd pcb , practical speed 25000 for round smd pcb suck as led bulbs smd pcb which need turn angles .


It can work for leds ,resistors ,ic which model up to 0603 .


Details Specifications of LED-2206P Smd led pick and place machine


Specifications of LEADSMT Popular smt pick and place machines




Mounting Nozzle Heads




50*50-1200*310MM(other sizes can be made by requirements)

Max Moving Range

X Axis 1220mm, Y Axis 430mm ,Z Axis 20mm

Practical Speed



Placement accuracy


Max Speed



Programming and Position Method

1.graphic input with Key and mouse
2.Intelligent Mark Points Scan
3.CAD Gaber file data Import .

Feeder Type

Optional for traditional pneumatic feeders or Electric and pneumatic compatible feeders(new invention by leadsmt)

No.of Loading Feeders

Normally can load 14 pcs,made by requirements can be 20 pcs

Air Pressure Supply

 0.6MPa =6kgf/cm2 (very little)

Vision Cameras

optional for smt components visual check ,if you option we will equipped with 6/8 Independent Visual Cameras system for Super High precision .

Vacuum Pump System

quipped with 3/4 sets of high accuracy vacuum pump system,with Blowing function when placement,which will enhance higher accuracy and faster speed .

Software system

Cooperation with Top 3 Technical University in China R&D Developed in 2010 with more than 7 years updates and trail experience in 32 countries .

Power Supply

220V ,50/60Hz, 1KW/1.2KW ,1 Phrase(With experience to offer solutions for Other countries with different voltages)

Weight & Dimensions

About 800Kgs /L2000*W1000*H1500(MM)



1.Manufacture from A-Z all originally made by Shenzhen Leadsmt with 10 years experiences, not trading and sell .

2.Well recognized by Chinese led lighting factories ,here some machines can not sell good in China ,only to fool foreigners . Leadsmt LED-2206P and LED-2208P is really hot in China , already sold 900 sets in China Market in 2018 .


3.Compared with other smt machines , LED-2206P and LED-2208P with great stability ,machine adjust well just keep running is ok , the rate of problem is super low , not skip components , not leak components ,not stuck feeders , Customers in China and overseas really satisfied with this machine . 




Packing Details


Plywood Case and film Packing,meets international standard packing requirements .


Contact Information as follows:




Shenzhen Leadsmt Technology Co.,Ltd

Address:No.11,Min Fu Road,ShaJing Town,Bao'An District,Shenzhen,518103,CHINA

Skype Id; peter.huang187

Tel & Wechat :0086-13610497541


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