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  • Brand name:LEADSMT


                  LED-2208P Pick and Place Machine 






 8 Heads pick and place machine(made in China) is the most reliable Led automatic pick and place machine manufactured by Shenzhen Leadsmt Technology Co.,Ltd ,which meets the strong production ability demand of domestic electronics factories ,SMT Workshops and Led smd workshop for Led lights including T5,T8 1.2m Led tube lights ,3528 led bulbs ,spotlights ,panel lights ,Led advertisement modules and Flexible led lights etc .LED-2208P has been Helping Chinese factories save lots of labor cost since 2015 by effectively improving the smd accuracy and efficiency .With the stability in utilize,easy operation and competitive price on superb quality ,LED-2208P Leadsmt machine already covered around 40% Market Share in Chinese Led Lighting manufacturing Market .



Machine Model

LED-2208P(8 Heads pick and place machine)

Practical Speed

36000CPH-45000CPH (TUBE PCB Boards)

MAX  Speed


Screw Rod Position Accuracy


Max PCB Board Size

1200MM * 400MM (Special order can be 1500*500MM )

MAX Moving Range X,Y

X Axis 1220mm,Y 530mm

Max Moving Range Z


Position Method

Camera Position( Vision Cameras Correction system optional)

Components Available types

Components on and above 0603 ,1206,3014,5050,5730,7070 ,

including ics,resistors and leds ,

Programming type

Computer imaging +camera position

Feeder Model Available

8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm and 32mm Yamaha type feeders

No.of feeders Position

12 PCS

Operation System


Negative Pressure

Equipped with Vacuum Pumps ,no need connection external Negative air pressure

Power Supply

1P ,220V,AC ,1KW




(L) 2000MM *(W) 1050MM* (H)1500MM


1. The carrying table of LED-2208P adopt Japanese Panasonic Servo motor and imported Rail which ensure its movements with excellent stability and high precision.

2. X,Y Axis driven by Panasonic Servo Motors with combination with Linear rail from Taiwan ,make the placement components on board with strong abilities : Higher precision,Faster Speed,High-Class stability .

3. X,Y Axis moving on THK Grind treated screw rod imported from Japan,guarantee precise position and super low noise when running with high speed .

4. Eight Pieces of Nozzles working together,Highly improve the productivity of the machine .Nozzle up and down move and remove on imported ,precise and durable rail .Imported Spline for nozzles rotation ensure the placement on high precision too .

5. Easy understand imaging type programming method on the machine make it much more convenient for operations with automatic position on the pad of the pcb.

6. Multiple feeders can be optional for different types Leds and other smd components such as ic and resistors .

7. DFI Industrial Computer system and self-design control software make the operational system on Industrial type stability and easy to learn .

8. Powerful software system on the machine with digital programming on coordinates and imaging display let the coordinates correction and revise more convenient .Moreover ,the production Schedule ,components type and re-feed components all display clear on the computer display .

9. Software System carrying with data base system ,different type of PCB Boards can save in it after programming for later-on use purpose . New PCB Board one time programming ,available use all the times in the future .

10. LED-2208P Pick and place machine equipped with imported negative detective system , can check the components absorb or not , prevent from Leaking ,skip and throwing components and in time to notice operators .

11. Vacuum Pump systems from Taiwan adopted in the LED-2208P SMT Machine ,non Oil and quiet vacuum pumps with long lifetime & steady vacuum pressure .

12. Standard configurations : 1 set Industrial computer system ,8 nozzle heads ,18 PCS Of Nozzles .

13. 8mm feeders, 12mm feeders,16mm feeders, 24mm feeders and air pressure supply system Optional(extra cost ) for you .


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 Contact information as following


Shenzhen Leadsmt Technology Co.,Ltd

Address:No.11,Min Fu Road,ShaJing Town,Bao'An District,Shenzhen,518103,CHINA

Skype Id; peter.huang187

Tel & Wechat :0086-13610497541



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